Jesús Fuentes

Co- Founder, Creative Director and Illustrator

This restless member of our team, a trained technical architect, fell in love with the board gaming world after spending some time in the eccentric acting disciplines of clown and theater. He now illustrates and creates his own board games. Author of “Mafia. Cosa di Capo” (2015).

This board game fanatic loves testing new games and game mechanics as well as taking pleasure walks playing his accordion while the rest of us work.

Javier Romero

Co- Founder, Communications and treasure hunter

The wrinkliest member of the group, a seasoned communicator with Kickstarter campaigns on his back such as Skull Tales: Full Sail! and Antique, the charity game launched via Verkami. He currently collaborates with the gaming magazine “2d6 Magazine” and tests and develops prototypes in his (inexistent) free time. Always positive and committed. Ask him to do anything and he will… except sit ups.

David Domínguez

Lifelong computer scientist. Heir to the great knowledge of ctrl+alt+del, his path brought him to web design specialized in web portals. His tentacles connect him to the gaming world, corporations and the R&D branch of the computer industry. Lover of all novelties. With a good nose for testing, his supernatural skills compensate for his more lacking experience in the board gaming world. Consumer of the arts and avant-garde technologies.

Francisco Javier Morón

Audiovisual production, Tester

His relationship with the 3D world takes him from digital modelling to 3D printing, passing by video creation and music composition. A trained graphic designer and vocational twitterer, he manages accounts with thousands of followers and produces electronic music.


Founder, Source of Inspiration

The model that inspired our logo. He can sleep 10 hours straight and still wake up hungry. Ever happy, he is the envy of the whole team. He also looks very funny when his mouth is dry.