Perro Loko Games’ crazy debut. Memory, attention and dexterity mechanics meld together resulting in this dynamic and fast paced game. 5-10-minute games for 3-6 players.

Available from the 11th to the 27th of October 2019.


Perro Loko Games’ abstract game A 1-2 player game with rules of extreme simplicity but great depth. Its 15-30-minute games will surprise you in both its symmetric and asymmetric versions.

November 2019


Perro Loko Games’ big boy. With its Pick & Delivery mechanics, dice management, action points and area majority, this laid-back themed game will be a delight for the most demanding gamers. Deliver food and menus door to door, open new restaurants, hire more delivery men, or upgrade your bikes. 60-90-minute games for 2-5 players.

March 2020


A game that will bring satisfaction to all Eurogamers out there with minimum components and at the best price possible. You’ll want to bring this Roll & Write with you to all your getaways. Collect resources, build, learn or raid. Consider the coming of spring, plundering will be easier then, but you’ll also have to fight off your adversaries for the most valuable treasures!

January 2020


Perro Loko Games’ surprise game. A game that will surely set tongues wagging and will soon available at your homes. A dynamic short game to serve as a starter before the main course of your gaming session. A simply brilliant appetizer.

October  2019