Fire Light and Magic. The most thrilling wizard duel in the smallest of spaces.

“…Nukburat had just launched a powerful attack. Now, with his back turned and clenching his luminescent fist still radiating from the energy blast, he confidently turned towards his opponent with a smirk on his face… but he had not predicted well his opponent’s next move and now the floor had rearranged itself bringing both wizards face to face once again. Befuddled, Nukburat could do nothing but wait for his adversary to attack.”

Flam is an abstract game with simple rules that take no more than 5 minutes to explain but that bring great depth to the game. You have the choice of facing your opponent in a symmetric way or by choosing one of the four wizards and use their unique powers in the asymmetric version. Cast spells, invoke elemental creatures, teleport your wizard, draw power from the floor tiles or cast a fire ball at your adversary. A little more than 15 life points stand before you and victory.

Flam will kickstart POCKETLINE, Perro Loko Games’ line of portable games with high doses of strategy, simple rules and small gaming space. We want you to enjoy our games anywhere and everywhere.

Expected campaign date: March – April 2020.