“…Nukburat had launched a massive attack. Now with his back facing him, he clenched his fist that was still lit up by the large amount of energy released and he turned confidently with a smirk in his face. He could not predict his opponent’s movement, however, the floor had already changed and now the two wizards were facing each other. Nukburat could now only wait for his opponent’s attack”.


The Äphalest magic tournament is held every 33 solar years, a tournament where the most powerful wizards and sorcerers meet in the central hall of the Lost Labyrinth at Quinousän Palace under strict rules. The prize? The custody of the Vrínolur Gem! One of the four gems created to control the dark forces of the universe.

Cast spells and damage your opponent, the referee will whistle the end of the fight after 16 points of damage or 6 rounds of play. Spells up to level four are allowed. Let the fight begin!

What’s the game about?

To achieve victory they must reproduce different patterns with the palace tiles to obtain spells from the library. With these you shall damage your opponent and obtain extra actions for combat.

This game is intended to be the headline game for those players who love duels for 2.

Easy to play, hard to master, SPELL offers a learning curve that ensures a long life to the game.

With a constantly changing map, the tension is present in every turn of the game. Players must be aware of their opponent’s plans to put them up against the wall or to avoid finding themselves in a tricky situation.


1 Round counter

1 Printed board inside the box

4 Black and purple Wizard meeples

6 Black and purple Elemental meeples

2 Inflicted damage counters

60 cards:

  • Basic deck (26 Spell cards)
  • Advanced deck (26 Spell cards)
  • 4 Action cards (2 of each color)
  • 4 Amulet cards (for asymmetric games only)

18 Tiles:

  • 16 Palace tiles (8 of each player) with different faces (ACTIVE/INACTIVE)
  • 1 Neutral Palace tile
  • 1 Tile with the Vrínolur Gem

1 Set of rules

Variants contained in the game box

  • Symmetrical game mode
  • Asymmetrical mode. 4 different powers are available to the players.
  • Tournament mode. A change in the set up gives the possibility to play faster and bloodier games for those who have mastered the game.