Our “crown jewel”.
Perro Loko’s big boxed and heavy game line starts with TSN.

“Tokyo, 2040, the four greatest restaurant food chains in the country have taken the asphalt in their quest to dominate the market. Fast food deliverers roam about in the night trying to take over the neighborhoods by indiscriminately delivering menus to all doors and taking as many orders as possible. All in the quest of becoming the best noodle delivery company in the city. And meanwhile, Godzilla devours buildings as it witnesses this thrilling competition”.

In Tokyo Speed Noodle you are an aggressive group of noodle deliverers that have made Tokyo their corporate battlefield.

In this laid back themed Eurogame, we will manage our hand of dice to take actions with the deliverers on the board with action points, pick & Delivery and area majority control mechanics that integrate perfectly with the theme. And of course, there is always… Godzilla.

Expected campaign date: July – August 2020.