Dirty Fridge, is Perro Loko Games’ debut

“You went off on vacation, you left the home nice and tidy, but once you got to your destination you realized that you had forgotten something back home… in your fridge. After a few days, upon your return everything seems just as you left it, even the living room is as welcoming as usual, but there is a part of the house that has undergone some changes during your absence… as a matter of fact, it has created its very own life forms…”

Dirty Fridge, the dynamic game that combines memory, skill and attention mechanics.

In Dirty Fridge you’ll try to your best to get rid of the creatures that inhabit your refrigerator whether it’s by swapping them with other players of by eliminating them from the game. But to do so, you must be the fastest. 5-10-minute games for 3-6 players with loads of interaction. Fast and fun, one game will never be enough.

Don’t forget to write “Dirty Fridge” down in your planners! The game will be launched through the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where we have a surprise ready that will help get this wonderful game to your homes at an unbeatable price.

Campaign finished sucessfull