“After a well-deserved vacation, coming home was the ultimate reward… your couch, your bed, your mug, your pillow, your shower… everything! How easy it is to be happy. However, the arrival was not so pleasant, everything smelled bad and is because you left the refrigerator with food!. First of all, the food was gone, secondly, maybe you should think about how to get rid of that… DIRTY FRIDGE”

DIRTY FRIDGE is a dynamic game with lots of interaction between 2 to 6 players and with games lasting from 5 to 15 minutes.


How to play?
At the beginning of the game, four cards are dealt face down which the players will place in front of them, this represents each player’s refrigerator. The rest of the cards minus the Cloth card will be placed in a deck in the center of the table.

The Cloth card remains in the center of the table.

Each player may only look, at the beginning of the game, at their two closest cards
In their turn, each player will reveal a card from the Dirty Fridge deck and have two options:

Exchange the revealed card for a card from your refrigerator

Or, perform the action of the displayed card. The actions are:
PASS A CARD                                                                         LOOK A CARD
CHANGE WITHOUT LOOKING                                                                                                              CHANGE LOOKING
Through the actions and changes, the players will know the value of some of the cards that remain face down and will try to make them as small as possible
Whenever a player reveals a card in the center of the table, all players, including the player who revealed the card, have the possibility to step in. They can put over the center card a card of the same value from their fridge, and thus get rid of one of the four cards in their fridge. Only the first player who succeeds in doing so will be able to step on it.
But watch out!!
A player can step on with any of the cards from his fridge or from any other player’s fridge. If he manages to step on the card in the middle of the table with a card from another player’s fridge, he takes a card from his fridge and passes it to this player, who will add it to his playing area as part of his fridge.
When a player thinks he has the cleanest fridge he will take the cloth from the centre of the table, then a final round will be played and the player with the lowest value on his cards will be the winner!